Eat Your Medicine…Healing Food For Your Body!

Hi, I’m Carolyn…

I’m a natural foods chef, holistic health counselor, and raw food educator. I help clients, like you, learn how to eat your medicine which is whole foods so you can heal and transform your lives while supporting you in your goals with holistic health coaching. I teach you how to shift your mindset about food to coincide with your spirit, soul and body. Bringing You Back to Health, One Bite at a Time!™

Are you struggling with…

  • Overweight/Obesity/Diabesity? You will stop counting calories, points, and fat grams and truly change the way you eat for lasting results that creates a healthy lifestyle!
  • Digestive issues?  Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, candidiasis, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), GERD (acid reflux), etc. You will learn the foods that may be causing uncomfortable digestive-related symptoms and inflammation and begin eating anti-inflammatory meals.
  • Cancer or cancer in remission? Eating plant-based foods rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans help lower risk for many cancers.  Limit consumption of red meats (such as beef, pork and lamb) and avoid processed meats. Eating anti-cancer meals that are anti-inflammatory is healthy eating!

Whole food is “healing for your body.” In my healing food kitchen where food is medicine, you will get your individual Rx and all you have to do is follow the instructions of eating your medicine which is healthy and nutritious food that can change your life!

Doctor’s endorsement:

Dr. Charles O. WoodI have had the great fortune of knowing Carolyn Akens for over a   decade. Now over a decade later, Carolyn has become a dear and trusted friend to our family. We no longer view her as an exceptional chef but rather as more of a health and lifestyle coach. For the quarter century I have been blessed with an exceptional career as a brain and spine surgeon. I have spent countless hours both teaching and being taught the science of neurological surgery.  An important part of this education has focused on how to properly nourish the patient after surgery to make the most of my repairs. Carolyn’s approach is simple and if you trust her you will quickly realize a revelation in your approach to your diet. Everything she recommends has a well thought out reason that makes perfect medical and nutritional sense.
 Charles O. Wood, M.D., Bowling Green, KY

If you are ready to finally break free from eating all the wrong foods that continuously causes sickness and disease, and learn how to eat healing food for your body, contact Carolyn now to book a 15-minute complimentary Health-Enhancing Discovery Session ($80 value). You will get 1-on-1 support; you will no longer feel like you’re in a vicious cycle; loneliness will subside; and social restrictions will be lifted. It is time to get empowered with all the right tools and get the results you deserve!

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I am not a medical professional. None of the suggestions given here on this website or offline by Carolyn Akens are intended to diagnose or treat any disease or ailment. Please consult your physician before starting any new health system or routine.

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