Papaya Juice…Health Benefits

Papaya juice has amazing cleansing powers. It is suggested that the seeds of the papaya can eradicate intestinal parasites. Papaya is used as an aid to digestion, by helping to break down protein and fat. It contains a substance called papain, a powerful enzyme. Papaya is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, and the minerals potassium, calcium, zinc.

The carbohydrate content in papaya is mainly of invert sugar which is a form of pre-digested food.  The ripe papaya is endowed with an abundance of energy-boosting natural sugars.

Health Benefits of the Papaya:

  • Anti-Inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory virtue from the papain in papaya greatly reduce inflammation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and asthma.
  • Colon Cancer, Prevention Of: The rich fiber in papaya bind to cancer-causing toxins in the colon and is eliminated from the body during bowel movements.
  • Digestive Aid: Papaya is commonly known for its fine and natural laxative virtue which aids digestion.  Taken regularly, it can help habitual constipation, bleeding piles and chronic diarrhea.
  • Emphysema, Protection Against: If you are a smoker, or are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke, consume papaya juice regularly for its high vitamin A content.  This may save your life as it will highly reduce your lung inflammation.
  • Heart Disease, Protection Against: The three very powerful anti-oxidants in papayas help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.  Oxidized cholesterol forms dangerous plagues that can eventually cause heart attacks or strokes.
  • Intestinal Disorders: The papain in unripe papaya is extremely beneficial for those who are deficient in gastric juice, have excess of unhealthy mucus in the stomach, dyspepsia and intestinal irritation.
  • Menstrual Irregularities: Consumption of unripe papaya juice help to contract the muscle fibers of the womb, resulting in proper and regular menstrual flow.  It is especially helpful in cases of menstruation cessation in young ladies due to cold or trauma.
  • Skin Diseases: The juice from unripe papaya is highly beneficial in treating skin disorders like acne and psoriasis.  When applied to wounds, it prevents pus formation and swelling.  Paste made from unripe papaya when applied to the face, may remove pigmentation or brown spots, and making the skin smooth and delicate.
  • Spleen Enlargement: Immerse cut ripe papaya in vinegar for a week, then consume twice a day with meals until spleen is normalized.
  • Throat Disorders: Drink honey mixed in fresh juice from unripe papaya regularly over inflamed tonsils for diphtheria and other throat disorders.  It dissolves the membrane and prevents infection from spreading.

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4 thoughts on “Papaya Juice…Health Benefits”

  1. You mentioned papaya juice and unripe papaya – how do i find unripe papaya? Also, is papaya enzyme tablets of any real benefits?

  2. Hi Melinda,

    Any papaya that isn’t completely ripe is unripe. I have never tried papaya enzyme, as with anything, do your due diligence. Thank you for stopping by and please come back. :-)

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